WHAT’SKyoto Muromachi Store

Each and every piece is made of Matsusakagyu

We are able to offer the selections we do, because we purchase a whole head of Matsusakagyu beef. As part of industry customs, it is nearly impossible to acquire parts other than meat, such as bones and fat, that are registered under the Matsusakagyu name. Beyond the meat, Matsusakagyu also consists of offal, or horumon, and bones and fat that any connoisseur will recognize for the rich umami flavor Matsusakagyu offers. Our diverse menu uses these rich ingredients to offer customers a taste omotenashi hospitality.

We guarantee that the Matsusakagyu meat we sell is safe and trustworthy. We purchase our Matsusakagyu from the Matsusakagyu-no-Sato Ocean Farm. The hay used to feed the cattle at the Matsusakagyu-no-Sato Ocean Farm is made exclusively from straw grown in Mie and Saga prefectures.

Savor Matsusakagyu Yakiniku BBQ while taking in the atmosphere of a traditional Kyomachiya townhouse.

Experience Matsusakagyu yakiniku courses and a la carte items surrounded by the traditional atmosphere of a Kyoto Machiya townhouse. Separate and private seating is also available if you are looking for an exclusive setting to enjoy your Matsusakagyu beef. Come and spend a moment of pleasure in a Kyomachiya enjoying superb Matsusakagyu dishes.

Matsusakagyu WHAT'S Kyoto Muromachi Store

477 Eboshiyacho, Muromachi-dori
Sanjo-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto 604-8165, Japan
Tel: +81-75-222-2989
From 17:00 to 23:00
Regular holidays: Tuesdays

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