• We will respond within one or two days after receiving your inquiry.
  • For urgent matters,
    please contact us directly by phone.
  • Matsusaka Beef WHAT'S (Kyoto - Muromachi) +81-75-222-2989
  • WHAT'S BEEF (Kyoto - Higashiyama) +81-75-761-4129
  • What's The Life Style (Shiga - Katata) +81-77-511-9429
  • Matsusaka BEEF WHAT’S
    (Hankyu Umeda Honten Store) +81-6-6313-7642
  • Oniku-no-Sushi Kyoto Gion Store +81-75-585-5666
  • +81-75-222-2989
  • +81-75-761-4129
  • +81-77-511-9429
  • +81-6-6313-7642
  • +81-75-551-9299

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